short URL

短网址广泛应用于移动互联网。Short URLs are widely used on the mobile Internet.

将生成的短网址分享出去,看起来更简洁。Share the generated short URL, which looks more concise.
微博等场景做了发送的字数限制,使用短网址可减少无效信息量,让你一次性发布更多关键信息。Scenes such as Weibo have a limit on the number of words sent. Using a short URL can reduce the amount of invalid information and allow you to publish more key information at one time.

本站采用先进的互联网技术搭建,可承担海量的请求量,具备高可用性。This site is built with advanced Internet technology, which can bear a large amount of requests and has high availability.

本工具同时生成短网址的二维码,适合各种移动应用场景的分享。This tool also generates the QR code of the short URL, which is suitable for sharing in various mobile application scenarios.
每次生成的短网址,将在数据库中保留一年时间。过期后,可以再次免费生成。Each generated short URL will be kept in the database for one year. After expiration, it can be generated again for free.

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